Artefact Redux:

Teresa Barber + Chris Saunders

Collaboration through the veil.

Artefact Redux was created by my husband and I in 2006 when we were only lovers and he was not yet diagnosed with cancer.  The branding became the parasol under which our talents would converge.  With salvage and sustainability as core tenets, Artefact Redux jewelry - and the occasional sculpture - utilizes antique, ancient, and vintage elements, often locally sourced.

Born of our shared love of things old and dusty, tinkering and artistry, it was a creative union and outlet.  Artists in our own right all our lives, once we joined forces shows, gallery spots, and festivals across the country happened.  An especially proud moment was participating in First Coast Fashion Week 2012.

Upon his death, I briefly believed that Artefact Redux was also gone.  Surrounded by our works in progress, materials, and inspirations I quickly came to my senses.  I could not imagine abandoning our goals and losing all that we achieved.  Our work together continues - the union equal parts honoring and healing.

Upcoming collections: Suadade, Dryad, Siren